Our device is stable and has a feature to aid the patient in walking smoothly. This ensures there is no pain or fatigue in other segments of the body! .

Off-loading / weight-sharing

Our device has specially been designed to off-load the site of fracture. Enabling him/her to walk without any worry or pain!

Doctor: Patient ratio:

Easy donning and doffing of device allows consultants to cater more patients.

Bone fracture movement

Through a combination of rigid and pliable structures we ensure there is no relative movement between the fracture segments

about us

Established in November 2019, a startup based out of Center for Spinal Innovations, an innovation unit of Indian Spinal Injuries Center(ISIC).

The team targets to solve latent clinical needs in a compassionate manner with the objective of improving clinical outcomes, reducing cost of care, and expanding coverage of use.



58 days of


574 unique

problems identified

98 global

problems identified.

1 solution

at a time


Dr. HS Chhabra

Chief Advisor-Clinical

Dr. Prashant Jha

Chief Advisor- Innovations

Dr. Amar Singh Rathore



Product X: Giving Shape to the Solution

After familiarizing themselves with their potential competition for each need, the CSI team of MedTech Innovators started detailing out their product solution.

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The Filter of an Entrepreneur.

The team of Medtech Innovators based out of the Indian Spinal Injury Centre are observing one of the most renowned centres for treatment of spine related ailments.

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